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Stori Grinder

Stori Grinder

$29.00 CAD $39.00

We believe that “good things happen to those who grind”. This is why we made the Stori Grinder that gives you a consistently grounded flower ready for your perfect roll.

1, 2, 3, 4. This is the grinder you’ll adore.
In just 4 simple turns the diamond sharp teeth of the Stori Grinder will give you perfectly fluffy grounded goods.
Whether you’re grinding at the start, in the middle or at the end of your day, you will have a good time, because you took the time to grind.

The Stori Grinder comes with
1 Grinder with 4 layers + 1 Grinder pick

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      Grinder that will steal your heart

      • The limited edition "Good Things Happen to Those Who Grind" grinder is one of a kind. Because you know "things happen" all the time.

      • The first layer grinds your flower, the second holds the grounded flower and lets through the kief (aka keef aka dust, aka cannabis crystals). The last layer stores the kief for future use.

      • The grinder top and bottom grip together with the magnet placed at the centre of the grinder. The other two layers screw into each other.

      • The Stori Grinder is made from Zinc. This makes it light enough for you to take anywhere and Sturdy enough to nicely grinder your cannabis flower time and time again.