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Keep your 🌿 products organized, accessible, and at their best. 

  • Child-proof containers keep family and pets safe.
  • Airtight lids keep strong smells in.
  • Food-safe aluminum pods and tubes preserve smell and taste.
  • UV-protected containers maintain the potency of your flower.
  • Humidity-control pack holders make long-term storage easy.
  • Color coding takes the guesswork out of organizing flower.
  • A breakthrough mobile app to access reviews, recommendations, and info about your products.

     What's in the box?

    1 Case

    Stori Smart Storage RCU case white

    Stori’s beautiful matte white case safely stores your products and accessories.

    • Locking mechanism keeps the case secure and safe around kids and pets.
    • Airtight lid adds an extra layer of smell protection.
    • Comfortably stores 6 pods and 6 tubes.
    • Accessory holder to keep papers, grinders, and vaporizers close.


      6 Pods


      Stori’s color-coded pods keep your flower organized at home.

      • Pods store up to 7 grams of dried flower each.
      • Child-proof push-and-twist lids that hold humidity-control packs.
      • Airtight, water-resistant, and smell proof .
      • FDA certified food-safe aluminum that keeps UV light out.


        6 Tubes


        Stori’s matching color-coded tubes keep pre-rolls safe and secure when on the go.

        • Holds pre-rolls and vape cartridges.
        • Childproof push-and-twist lids secure pre-rolls in place.
        • Airtight, water-resistant, and smell proof.
        • FDA certified food-safe aluminum keeps UV light out.

        Stori App

        The Stori app takes Stori’s color-coded system to the next level by allowing you to keep your inventory organized and at your fingertips.

        Stori App

        • Product inventory and history - Keep track of flower stored in your pods and tubes.
        • Product recommendations - Discover products similar to what you’re already storing.
        • Product profiles and reviews - Search through extensive flower product profiles and reviews.
        • Free and easy to set up - It’s completely free and it takes less than a minute to sign up. 


        Store Safely

        Child-proof - Stori’s main locking mechanism and push-and-twist lids provide multiple layers of protection for your family and pets.

        Safe enough for food - FDA certified food-safe aluminum keeps you safe while keeping the important parts of your flower from sticking to the container.


        Stay Organized

        Functional - Pods for your flower products, tubes for your pre-rolls, and a case that doubles as a rolling tray to make it all happen. 

        Simple, but smart - Different flowers for different occasions. No two strains are the same. Use the Stori color system with the Stori app to keep track of all your products, anywhere. 

        Ready to go - Tubes and pods that are ready to travel with you while keeping flower and pre-rolls safe and secure. 


        Keep it Fresh

        UV protected - The case, pods, and tubes preserve the potency of your products by blocking harmful UV light. UV light is bad for flower as it reduces its potency over time.

        Airtight - Lids keep your products fresh and prevent smells from escaping. Air contact can oxidize your flower, also lowering its potency. 

        Humidity controlled - Pods hold humidity packs to keep products fresh longer. Dried flower is best preserved between 59% and 63% relative humidity (RH).