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The smarter way to store your flower and edibles

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Award-winning design that keeps your stash safe and fresh

Our airtight Pods and Tubes are made of food-safe aluminum that will keep smell in and UV light out

Specially-designed Pod lids to hold humidity control packs keep your flower fresh and protected from moisture

Color-coded caps and dry-erase marker to keep your strains organized

Our Case, Pods and Tubes are all childproof and pet-resistant

Organized in one place

Stori has enough room to keep your papers, grinder, and filters inside. And the case lid makes a great rolling tray.

On the go

Use the pre-roll holder to keep your rolls in place wherever you go.

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The holder secures your Boveda pack inside the airtight container, creating the ideal humidity to keep your buds fresh.

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App for better tracking

Keep track of your 🌿 and discover new products based on your location and what you've stored.

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What Our Customers Say

Great Amount of Storage

I was able to fit 3oz of flower and shake using the pods for flower and the tubes for ready to roll product. My stash has never been more organized.

- Dave


I love my Stori! My buds have never been this organized. It's definitely a showpiece that I love showing off to friends. The dry erase pen with the colour coded pods is a genius idea. With room for extra storage I can keep my papers, hand grinder and other accessories stored together. I definitely recommend this product!

- Stew D.

Exactly what I needed!

This is my first cannabis storage container that I own and I definitely love it! I can finally organize everything by type and strain! I highly recommend this storage from STORI to anyone who love to see his weed properly organized and labelled. What a blast!

- Cocopops90 C.

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