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Gone are the days when we should be hiding our cannabis away. At Stori, we’re proud of our cannabis and wanted to be just as proud of the way we store it. Using our experience in design and business development, we set out to build a cannabis storage system geared towards the modern user. We wanted something that looked beautiful beside our favourite espresso machines, bluetooth speakers, and home automation devices. Something we’d be proud to display. And so, the Stori began...

We like to keep our cannabis organized at home, but it’s also important to travel to social events with some of our cannabis without the smell lingering in public. That’s why we made each Stori pod, tube, and case airtight. Now we can smoke half of our joint before dinner, place it in a tube, and take it in a restaurant without stinking the place up. This is really helpful at home too. More importantly, with multiple strains going at the same time, we needed an easy way to know what we had at home and what we were taking with us. The color system makes keeping track of strains super easy to go regardless of where we are, which is great for our busy schedules.

When it comes to bringing cannabis storage into the next generation, we wanted to focus on safety and responsibility. Stori is made of multiple layers of child safety, starting with the locking mechanism on the case itself, and also protected again by the push-and-twist lids on each pod and tube. Stori is safe around kids and pets, so now we feel safe leaving Stori out when we have family and friends over. Our cannabis stays fresh longer too. The mason jars we used previously let in a lot of UV light and there was a noticeable difference over time with some of the strains that we use less often. 

Lastly, we wanted to do our part to reduce waste. Right now the cannabis industry produces a lot of plastic that’s meant for short term use. The amount of plastic being used could become astronomical if more companies don’t pivot to using environmentally friendly packaging. Stori’s pods and tubes are molded from high quality food-safe aluminum that’s made to last. We think that giving consumers a long term storage solution that they’re proud to own will take on some of that responsibility and allow producers to make effective short-term packaging.  

These are just some of the ways of thinking that went into designing Stori. For a full list of features, head to the Features page.

The best part is, this Stori is still being written. We’re in the process of building the Stori app and we’re looking for your feedback. We want to know what you want to see in a cannabis storage app. Send us an email to hello@yourstori.com if you want to chat about it!

Your friends, 

The Stori Team