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Stori Pair

$34.00 CAD $44.00

Packed with happiness, the Stori Pair is a perfect storage for your cannabis flower or edibles.
From the beautiful Pod lids that can act as a tiny tray, to the airtight Tubes, the Stori Pair was designed for those looking for more than a mason jar.

Winner of 6 international design awards
The Stori Pod stores over 7 grams of flower or edibles while the Stori Tube gives you the perfect storage for your pre-roll and capsules.

The Stori Pods and Tubes are made from aluminum, are child resistant and airtight. This makes them ideal for storage of flower, pre-rolls or edibles. The lid of the Pods hold humidity packs, and the lid of the Tubes hold pre-rolls in place.

Stori’s mission is to eliminate cannabis stigma with safety, function and design. Together we can make cannabis look good.

The Full Stori comes with:

  • 1 Pod
  • 1 Tube
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
  • 1 Stori Rolling Papers
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      Award-winning design that keeps your stash safe and fresh

      > Boveda Storage

      Each pod stores up to 7 grams of cannabis flower or edibles. The Pod lids specially design to hold humidity control packs. Your products will stay fresh and protected from moisture.

      > Weed storage and doob tube

      Our Case, Pods, and Tubes are all child-proof, pet-resistant and washable. Stori Pods and Tubes can also be washed to freshen up for your next strain (wash with hand and warm water).

      > Doob Tube weed storage

      Stori Tube has a pre-roll holder to keep your rolls in place wherever you go.

      > Cannabis storage made from aluminum

      Our airtight pods and tubes are made of food-safe aluminum and FDA approved. Keeping the smell in and UV light out.

      What's inside

      1 Stori Pod
      Diameter: 6 cm (2.36 in)
      Height: 6.4 cm (2.56 in)

      1 Stori Tube
      Diameter: 2.4 cm (0.94 in)
      Height: 9.5 cm (3.74 in)

      2 Stori Rolling Papers
      1 Stori Dry Erase Marker


      What’s Stori Pair made out of?

      Stori Pods and Tubes are made from FDA approved food-grade aluminum. This makes them ideal for storing cannabis flower and edibles (gummies, capsules, etc).

      Why aluminum?

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