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Weed Humidor: The Revolutionary Accessory You Need

Weed Humidor: The Revolutionary Accessory You Need

Cannabis is more accessible now than ever before, and dispensaries offer massive selections. We’ve reached a point where appropriate weed storage is an important consideration. When you have half a dozen strains in the house, where are you supposed to keep them? How do you preserve their freshness?

That’s where the cannabis humidor comes into play. It’s a designated place to store your cannabis. Socks go in the sock drawer, books go into the bookshelf, and cannabis goes into the humidor.

Here’s the Problem With Cannabis Packaging

Dispensaries exist to sell you cannabis. They don’t exist to sell you packaging. Most of the things you buy (unless you’re buying premium storage packaging) are packed in containers that cost the producer the least amount of money to create. That’s why dispensaries often sell large quantities in zip-top bags or plastic containers. 

These containers are designed to keep the cannabis safe and secure until it arrives at your home, presumably still fresh. Once you’ve opened that container, you’ve introduced air (and potentially contaminants) to your cannabis. 

Have you ever noticed that cereal goes stale very quickly, even if you do your best to roll the bag closed tightly? With a bag, there’s no proper way to keep the cereal fresh. It will absorb moisture from the environment and become limp and stale. The same thing happens to your cannabis.

When you want to keep your cereal fresh, you store it in a labeled, airtight container. Your favorite strains of cannabis deserve the same level of consideration.

Cannabis is substantially more expensive than cereal and used less frequently or in smaller quantities. The way you store your cannabis will dictate how long that cannabis will last, and plastic packaging isn’t a wise solution. 

People experienced with cannabis already know this. They purchase stash jars or put their weed in containers with a better closure. The problem with these containers is that they’re often more form than function. They look nice, but they don’t often do a good job of keeping light and air out. 

Some of these jars are made of plastic. Plastic containers allow for static electricity, and these small shocks can kill the trichome crystals on your flower.

Nothing quite solves the problem like a humidor. In fact, this is the problem that a humidor was specifically designed to solve. This device has always existed, but many people didn’t have a need for one until recreational cannabis use became widespread. By now, most people have forgotten about humidors, if they’ve ever heard of them at all. 



What Is a Humidor?

Humidors are special storage boxes (or, in some cases, storage rooms) that have been historically used to store tobacco or fine wooden goods like handmade musical instruments. The purpose of a humidor is to maintain a consistent humidity level. When humidity fluctuates, it causes porous surfaces to contract, expand, and warp.

Tobacco humidors are typically wooden boxes equipped with filter systems and designed to introduce adequate amounts of moisture. The humidor will maintain the proper relative humidity level over a prolonged period of time.

Humidors can be built on a very large scale. If you’ve ever gone to a music equipment store and seen an entire room with a door filled with acoustic guitars, the space itself is a humidor. It’s designed to maintain the integrity of an acoustic guitar and prevent the neck from warping, bowing, or cracking. Rooms are a lot bigger than boxes. They utilize special air systems and devices called hygrometers to measure the humidity levels. 

But not all humidors are the same, it's not as simple as buying a humidor that's made for cigars and using it. Cigar humidors typically made from wood contain oils that will impact the flavour and taste of your cannabis. A purpose built humidor for cannabis is needed - this is where Stori comes in. 

Is a Humidor Important?

First things first, should you actually use your cigar humidor for cannabis? No, and here’s why. 

Cigars stored outside of a humidor may become brittle, dry, or stale. Shifts in humidity will slowly cause damage, ultimately destroying anything delicate it touches. Not many people smoke cigars anymore, but they do smoke cannabis. This leads us to our next point.

Plant-derived products are highly susceptible to damage from humidity because they were once living. They need to be properly preserved to prevent decay, or they’ll wither up and lose their color and aroma. 

Here’s Why You Need a Cannabis Humidor

Your cannabis was once a living plant. It received a steady supply of water and nutrients through the plant’s stalk. It was thriving and growing before it was harvested, dried, and cured. This process is what stops your cannabis from withering and turning black like an old Valentine’s Day bouquet

The moisture was encouraged to leave the cannabis in a controlled environment in order to prevent the flowers from rotting. That’s why it arrived so beautifully green. Once it leaves the grower’s hands and reaches your hands, it’s your responsibility to keep it that green. 

Cannabis flowers are just as fragile and delicate as any other kind of flower. Exposure to moisture, light, and heat can cause them to decay. Over time, cannabinoids exposed to heat and light will break down, losing their potency. The aromatic terpenes evaporate, leaving the cannabis with no scent or flavor. At this point, your cannabis is essentially useless. 

Cannabis is usually sold in larger quantities, and casual users may only smoke their flowers once a week. The chances are high that the flower will begin to degrade in quality before they’ve finished what they purchased. That’s a lot of costly waste.

A cannabis humidor solves the problem. Cannabis will remain preserved in a humidor indefinitely. If you buy three or four strains to sample and you decide to take your time, the flower will stay fresh until you’re able to use it up. When you purchase more cannabis, all you need to do is refill the humidor. 

Start With a Stori Case

Stori’s Stash Box can easily be converted into a weed humidor without a complicated hassle . The locking case holds up to six pods, each with color-coded childproof and pet-resistant lids. The pods are made out of durable aluminum rather than plastic, as plastic can cause small static charges that fry the tiny trichomes on the outside of your flower. 

Stori helps keep your weed protected from the elements and protected from children. Light and air can’t enter the pods, and that’s half the battle. You didn’t even need to stand up to win it. The second half of the battle, which is equally effortless, turns your Stori stash box into a humidor.

Turn Your Pods Into Mini Humidors

The lid of every story pod is perfectly equipped to hold a size 1 Boveda pack. Boveda packs are small humidity controllers. They resemble an individually wrapped tea bag, coming in sets of 20. 

These two-way humidity packs work to keep the humidity at an ideal level inside of your Stori pod. They also lay down a thin layer of purified water that traps your flower’s terpenes, preventing them from evaporating.

They’re easy to use. All you need to do is slide it right into the holder on the lid of your pod. Boveda packs can last for up to six months in the right conditions, and the Stori pod is a perfect environment for the packs. You won’t need to replace them very often. It helps to write the date on your pack when you pop it in. 

Boveda packs need to be changed when the whole pack starts to become rock hard. Some hard patches throughout the center or at the corners of the pack don’t necessarily indicate that the pack is spent. Wait for the stiffness to develop before you make the swap. 

Traveling With Your Stori Pods

The Boveda pack turns each pod into its own humidor rather than the entire case. If you want to pop a pod out to travel with, it will stay protected. Take your cannabis on vacation or bring it over to a friend’s house. It will remain invulnerable throughout the transit, provided you make sure to keep the lid secured. 

Keeping Track of Your Stash

You can use the Stori App to keep track of the strains you have in your humidor. Record their names, when you bought them, and what use cases you prefer them for. You can also look for similar strains you’d like to try or find strains that produce different beneficial effects. 

It’s common sense storage that’s smart. It’s easy to use, it keeps your cannabis safe and fresh, and you can use it in conjunction with your phone. Stori is the answer to the most critical question you’re just now realizing you had. 



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