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The Perfect Stash Box

The Perfect Stash Box

If you use cannabis, you’ll need to find a place to put it. Proper cannabis storage is important.

Many people are still stuck in their old ways, tossing their cannabis in plastic sandwich baggies and hiding them in the pockets of old winter coats. There’s no reason to do that anymore, and it seriously shortens the lifespan of your cannabis. 

A great stash box is a game-changer. It extends the life of your cannabis while keeping it safe and organized. If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis storage solution to put on display, we’ve got exactly what you need. Its time to unstash your stash box.

First Things First, “Stash” is Not a Dirty Word

The word “stash” is often associated with something secretive or taboo. That’s just not where society is at anymore. In Canada, both recreational and medical cannabis is federally legal across the country. In the US, most states have medical cannabis programs, and an increasing number of states have legalized recreational cannabis. 

When it comes to cannabis, “stash” means the collection, selection, or assortment. It doesn’t refer to something you should shove in the back of the closet and only speak about in whispers. 

You wouldn’t hide your collection of expensive old wines or top-shelf scotch under your bed. You don’t put your best Cuban cigars in an old toolbox in the garage.

It doesn’t make any sense to give your cannabis that kind of treatment. Cannabis isn’t a secret. You’re a grown-up, and you have an appreciation for a plant in the same way other grown-ups appreciate old cabernet or a single malt from the Highlands. 

What is a Stash Box?

Your stash box is a place to organize and store your cannabis. If you like to keep a few strains on hand at any given time, a properly sorted stash box is an absolute must. Proper storage techniques can extend the life of your cannabis significantly, giving you around 18 months to finish up each strain. 

Your Stash box is something you can keep on display. Leave it on your dresser, a bookshelf, or a coffee table. It’s like a wine rack or a jewelry box. There’s nothing to hide. Your stash is a completely normal part of your home. 

Stori Starts with the Box Itself

Stori’s Stash Case is sleek, simple, and inconspicuous. It’s just a nice little case. Nothing about it screams “cannabis!” which is perfect if you have youngsters in the house or if you want to travel with your stash. 

The sides of the case lock closed. The top doubles as a rolling tray. Inside, there’s a place to store your lighter, rolling papers, and a grinder. The sides lock closed to keep everything contained securely. 

The Stori case is multifunctional and designed to make your life easier. The design is simple. You can leave it out anywhere in your home, and most people won’t be able to tell on-sight that it was a cannabis stash box. You can be discrete and open at the same time. 

Our Storage Pods and Tubes

Plastic bags, plastic stash jars, and glass jars may seem like convenient ways to store cannabis, but they’re the worst containers for storing cannabis. They all let light in, causing your cannabinoids to convert and degrade prematurely. In addition to letting light in, plastic bags often let air in, causing terpenes to evaporate. 

Smell-proof opaque plastic stash jars may seem like a good idea. Plastic is shatterproof and easily portable, and the lid doesn’t let the air in or out. Here’s the big problem. While plastic containers might prevent outside threats from destroying your cannabis, their own internal threats may execute just as much damage. 

Plastic jars build and discharge static electricity. Trichomes are extremely thin and delicate. It doesn’t take much to completely destroy them. These tiny little static electricity pulses zap the cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes off the outer surface of your cannabis flower. 

Aluminum is lightproof, durable, easy to travel with, and it doesn’t pose the same static electricity risk as plastic. 

The Stori case comes with six storage pods. Each pod stores up to seven grams (about ¼ ounce) of cannabis. The tubes are designed to hold pre-rolls. 

Whether you like to purchase pre-rolls from the dispensary or roll up a few for grab-and-go convenience during the week, these tubes are a lifesaver. They make it easy to transport your joints. 

Every pod and tube has a color-coded, child-resistant, pet-resistant lid to keep your cannabis (and your pets and kids) safe. These child-resistant lids couple with the sliding locks on the outside of the case to create sufficient barriers to entry. Adults will know how to get in, and youngsters will be stumped. 

Stay Organized

When you use plastic baggies or mason jars to store your cannabis, it’s very easy to lose track of which strain is which. Cannabis strains can almost never be identified on sight, and when every container looks identical, you’re in for some trouble. 

Every tube and pod in the Stori case comes with a different colored lid, making it easier to differentiate between your favorite strains. You can use a dry erase marker or a chalk marker to label the lids of each container. 

Alternatively, you can plug the information into the Stori app. The Stori app allows you to fill in information about your stash. You’ll know which strain is in which container, when you purchased it, where you purchased it, and even how much you spent on it. 

Convert Your Pods to Humidors for Tastier Terpenes

Inside the lid of every Stori pod, you’ll find a little place to fit a size 1 Boveda humidity pack. This pack is all it takes to turn each pod into a humidor that will preserve your terpenes and keep the pod’s humidity perfect. Your cannabis will stay flavorful and fresh for an average of 18 months when you turn the pod into a humidor.

A humidor is a box, device, or entire room designed to maintain the perfect humidity level. If you’ve ever gone to the place where they sell acoustic guitars at the music store, that whole room is a humidor. 

You don’t need an entire specially outfitted room to store your cannabis. All you need to do is pop a pack in your pod, and it handles the humidity control on your behalf.

Boveda packs are very easy to use. All you need to do is put them in the pod and check on them periodically. The pack will lay down a monolayer of purified water that keeps the terpenes from evaporating off the surface of your cannabis flower. Then, it will work to maintain the perfect balance of humidity.

Over time, the Boveda pack will begin to harden. The corners usually go stiff first, and small hard lumps may appear throughout the middle of the pack. This is just a normal part of the pack working. You only need to replace it when the entire pack begins to harden in a uniform manner. 

When you notice the process is starting, swap out the pack. 

Rate and Explore Strains

The Stori app is your guide to a better high. You can rate them in the app and leave notes about your experiences when you try new strains. This will help you keep track of what you do and don’t like while helping you to refine your preferences. 

Most people use ratings to determine what they’ll buy or where they’ll order dinner from. You read a few reviews before you give them a shot, and the Stori app will allow you to do that. You can use the app to find strains similar to the ones you like. Think of Netflix’s recommended feature, but for cannabis. 

This is a great way to build a collection for occasion-specific strains. You can choose a wide variety of effects and moods, and find a strain to pair with each goal. Grab a daytime strain, a strain to help with sleep, and a strain that boosts your creativity. You’ll be able to use cannabis as the perfect complement to the moment you’re living in. 

Storing Weed Couldn’t Possibly Be Easier

We took everything you need to properly store your cannabis and put it together in a convenient kit that will last you a lifetime. In other words, we invented the perfect stash box. All you need to do is replenish your cannabis, your rolling papers, and your humidity packs. Your Stori case will have your back for years. 



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