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The best way to store cannabis

The best way to store cannabis

With cannabis being legalized across Canada and many states in the US, you can be confident you're buying quality cannabis but are you properly storing it once you're home? 

Let's get real. Smoking some dusty cannabis won't kill you, but it might also not affect you at all. In the same way spices lose potency over time, so does cannabis. Generally, you can expect properly stored cannabis to stay fresh for 6 -12 months. Proper storage and care helps extend this period of freshness, whereas improper care can significantly speed up this degradation. 

Let’s compare the most common storage options available against cannabis storage best practices.

Cannabis storage best practices: 

  1. Use airtight containers: You don’t need to vacuum seal your cannabis but you should use containers that are airtight and are proportionally sized to the amount of cannabis you are storing. Storing a small amount of cannabis in a large container can contribute to a loss of freshness. Even if there is no air flowing into the container, excess oxygen that becomes trapped in the container can still degrade your cannabis products.
  1. Keep your cannabis out of sunlight: Light is the biggest factor that will degrade your cannabis quality. The exposure to UV rays diminishes the potency of dried flower. Although mason jars are a great cost effective solution that sure does beat a ziplock bag, if you don’t store the jar in a dark place light will still get in.
  1. Control the humidity: Cannabis should be kept in the ideal range of 55% - 65% relative humidity based on ASTM standards. Too much moisture is bad because it can create mold, but not enough moisture and your flower could become brittle and lose essential terpenes that affect potency and taste. Use two-way humidity control like Boveda to keep this simple. The control packs take the guesswork out of finding the perfect balance of relative humidity levels.
  1. Keep cannabis in cool and dry space: The ideal storage temperature for cannabis is 15 - 20°C . Do not store your cannabis in the refrigerator or freezer but do store it in a cool and dry place. 

Cannabis storage options: 

The Stori pods are a clear winner as they were purposely designed for cannabis storage and will keep your products fresh the longest. So, save your ziplock bags for your sandwiches and your mason jars for jam 😉 and upgrade to the Stori you deserve.

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