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Smell Proof Jar for Cannabis Connoisseurs

Smell Proof Jar for Cannabis Connoisseurs

The whole room shouldn’t smell like cannabis until you want it to. If your current stash container is leaking the aroma of your cannabis into the room, you need a replacement as soon as possible. You may not realize it, but that container is totally ruining your cannabis. 

Good cannabis is special. It’s something you need to take care of, like a pair of good shoes or a potted orchid. It also needs to be stored properly, like expensive wine or your fancy gelato. Make sure you’re keeping your cannabis in its proper place to extend its life and preserve its terpenes. 

Why Does Cannabis Have Such a Strong Smell?

It’s not hard to tell if someone has recently smoked cannabis when you walk into a room. The underlying aroma is very distinct, and some strains of cannabis have sweet, sour, piney, or fruity notes. The smell and the flavor are connected, and they combine to make each strain a unique experience.

The strong aroma of cannabis partially comes from burning plant matter, but if you’ve ever vaporized cannabis, you’ll notice that it leaves behind a watered-down version of the same smell that flower does. This part of the aroma comes from the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes.

Terpenes are the compounds that give all plants their aromas. When you use an essential oil diffuser, you’re filling the room with lavender terpenes, rose terpenes, or peppermint terpenes. Cannabis is a robust producer of terpenes, and it casts them into the air very easily. Sometimes, a little too easily. 

If You Can Smell It, Your Terpenes Are Evaporating

You don’t necessarily need to hide the smell of cannabis. There’s not much of a stigma in using cannabis anymore. If you’re having your parents, landlord, or plumber over and you don’t want them in your business, you might want to make sure your stash is smell-proof. 

The problem isn’t really with the smell of cannabis, but what it means if you can smell it. If you just brought home an eighth and the whole room smells like your favorite strain, this is a sign that something’s awry.

If there’s an aroma coming off of your stash, that means the valuable terpenes are evaporating. Your flower is drying up, and the little bit of moisture it contains is being wicked up into the air and taking the terpenes with it. 

Terpenes can fully deplete in a matter of days if the cannabis receives too much air circulation. 

Smell-proof containers keep the smell, and the terpenes, with the cannabis. All smell-proof containers should be air-tight simply due to the way they’re designed. If the air can’t get in and out, the terpenes have to stay where they belong.

The Problem With Common Containers

Most of the containers people store cannabis in aren’t well suited for the job. Cannabis exists in this strange new gray area. We’ve only recently progressed to the point as a society where we don’t stigmatize cannabis use, and as it has become more socially acceptable, it’s paved the way for innovation. 

Everything you purchase is supposed to be stored in a specific container. Wine comes in wine bottles because they’re designed to protect and preserve what’s inside. We put cookies in a cookie jar, pizza in a pizza box, pasta sauce in mason jars, and sandwiches in plastic zip-top bags. That’s simply the natural order of things.

You’ve probably been putting your cannabis in boxes, jars, or plastic bags because those were the storage containers you had available. It wasn’t because they were genuinely the best tool for the job. 

Many cannabis users never thought about the proper way to store their stash. Cannabis connoisseurs, both new and seasoned, have tried inventive methods of storing their cannabis to keep it fresh, contain the smell, and preserve the terpenes. 

Your Jar Should Be More Than Just Smell Proof

Although smell-proof jars do a great job of keeping the terpenes contained, that’s only one part of a multifaceted cannabis storage strategy. Your jar should offer more protection and control than just blocking the scent. 

It Should Also Be Lightproof

While the cannabis plant is still alive, light is its supreme ruler. Light helps the plant to grow, produce flowers, and synthesize cannabinoids. Once the plant has been harvested, that process is over. The goal is to help the flower retain all the cannabinoids it has created and to keep it in a perfectly preserved state, frozen in time until you’re ready to enjoy it. 

If your cannabis receives continuous light exposure after the moment of harvest, that light works like a very slow oven. It will continue to warm the flowers that no longer have a water supply or a root system. Rather than creating new cannabinoids or growing larger, your cannabis will shrivel up and lose potency. 

The THC-V becomes THC, which eventually becomes CBN. CBN and THC aren’t remotely similar in the effects they deliver. Your experience won’t be the same. 

It Should Also Control the Humidity

Think about a box of cereal. You open it up, pour a bowl, and close it. You forget about it for two weeks. When you come back to grab another bowl, the whole box is stale

That’s because the packaging did a good job of keeping out the light, but it couldn’t control the humidity of the environment. Your cereal lost its crunch when too much humidity entered the box, causing it to retain moisture and go soft. 

Cannabis is similar, but it's needs are different. Cannabis needs enough moisture to keep it from drying out, but not so much moisture that the flower becomes wet. The grower already figured out the perfect balance before your cannabis was sent to you. 

After it was dried, it was cured in a special humidity-controlled vessel to keep the flower perfectly balanced and healthy. When cannabis makes its way to your house, you need to maintain the process.

Humidity packs are designed to maintain a relative humidity level ideal for your cannabis. Boveda packs can go directly into your cannabis jar. They lay down a monolayer of water particles that keep the terpenes from evaporating and the cannabis from drying out. The Boveda pack will maintain a stable level of moisture for an indefinite amount of time.

Change out the pack when the whole thing starts to feel a little bit like a burnt cookie. Hard spots are normal, and so is hardening at the corners of the pack. It’s only spent when the whole thing starts to become solid in a uniform manner. 

Child-resistant Lids Are a Big Help

If you live in a house with children, you need to keep your cannabis sealed and protected. You probably keep your wine or liquor in a locked cabinet or on a shelf where your children can’t reach it. 

Containers with child-resistant lids will give you more options. If you want to leave your storage solution on a table, desk, or shelf, your cannabis (along with your kids and pets) will be safe if the lid is child-resistant. 

Stori Has it All Figured Out

Here’s what we did for you. We know you need a proper storage container for your cannabis. We figured out the whole setup. 

Every Stori stash case comes with six smell-proof aluminum cannabis storage pods so you can keep your stash safe and organized. You can use your Stori case with the Stori app to keep track of your favorite strains and the contents of your case. 

The lids are color-coded and child-resistant. You can use a dry erase marker to label the lids or the app to note which strain is in which colored pod. The same works for our pre-roll tubes. Each Stori case comes with six tube-style storage containers for pre-rolled joints or blunts. 

Within the lid of every Stori pod is a little place to stick a Boveda size 1 humidity pack, allowing you to turn each container into a little humidor. When inserted into proper air-tight, lightproof storage containers, Humidity packs can keep your cannabis relatively fresh for upwards of a year. 

Inside of the case, there’s a place to store your rolling papers, lighters, or any other gadgets you use with your cannabis. The lid of the case doubles as a rolling tray for when you’re ready to fill up your pre-roll tubes. 

Recycle your mason jars and shoeboxes for other projects. Save the zip-top bags for picnic lunches. Put your cannabis where it belongs. 



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