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Let's Discover Your Cannabis Stori; a Learning Series

Hi Friends,

We want to go on a journey with you as you discover and track your cannabis preferences. We know that purchasing cannabis can be just as intimidating as being handed a giant wine list at a new restaurant and having to pick a bottle. Many consumers may not be able to pick out a bottle on the spot, but they have learned the language and questions to ask so the server can guide their selection. Is this bottle dry or sweet? Is it full-bodied? This common language for cannabis doesn’t exist... yet. 

Since there is SO much to learn, majority of consumers don’t know cannabis terminology, their unique preferences, or which questions to ask Budtenders. And although cannabis has been consumed for centuries, research about cannabis is still relatively new and  there are still many things that have not been studied or understood. For example, did you know that THC was only discovered in 1964?

At Stori, we believe in normalizing cannabis through education and conversation so we've developed a learning series that will guide you through understanding cannabis lingo and how the plant works. Like, what exactly is a cannabinoid? And, does CBD get you high? We will dive into the following topics together:

  • Indica vs. sativa 
  • Cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids, oh my!
  • How cannabis affects everyone differently 
  • What questions to ask your friendly neighbourhood Budtender 
  • Why it's so important to keep track of your preferences 

 Let's discover this amazing plant and start writing #yourstori. Happy 420, friends!

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