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Keep your products fresh with Stori’s pods

Stori’s 6 pods allow you to differentiate between your products with the color-coded lids. Each pod can hold up to 7 grams of 🌿 or other types of products like edibles, concentrates, or capsules. The pods are made of food-safe aluminum to ensure that your products last longer.

Fresh is best

The lids of the pods were designed to keep air out and freshness in because no one wants to consume stale products. The lids are able to hold humidity packs to ensure your products stay fresh especially if you’re someone who doesn’t consume daily.

The pods work well for those who buy less variety of products but more quantity. You can spread an ounce (28 grams) of your favorite flower among 4 pods. This ensures that you limit air exposure to 7 grams at a time, helping you keep the rest airtight.

Safety first

To open the pods, you must push down on the lid and turn it counterclockwise. The pods themselves are made from food-safe aluminum and are child resistant so that you can ensure your 🌿 won’t get into the hands of children or pets.

Track your products

Having trouble keeping track of which products are which and when you purchased them? The Stori App allows you to take the guesswork out and keep inventory with the click of a button.

We’ve also included a dry erase marker so that you can write down the product information on the lid of the pods and wipe them clean when you restock.

Don’t stash it, store it

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