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Every dad loves a good Stori...

Every dad loves a good Stori...

This weekend is Father’s Day and we’re saying Happy Father’s Day to all of the dope dads out there, early! Beyond loving a good dad joke, a lot of dads are notorious for enjoying their gadgets and toys. So this year, we have the perfect gift for your cannabis loving parent, and that my friend is Stori.

Stori is the ideal cannabis storage solution for the dad who likes to display his alcohol, enjoy a nice cigar, has a man cave, office, or home bar. Stori is the perfect storage for the dad who appreciates the finer things - and most importantly, is a cannabis consumer.

So this Father’s Day, forget the tie (if that’s even a thing with the new WFH wear) and give him something he will really enjoy, and not to mention, something that will give him a Stori to tell.

And if you really want to make dad proud, here some cannabis friendly dad jokes:

  1. What do you call parents who connect over their love of cannabis?

  2. How do parents stay focused when the kids are out of control?

  3. How much weed does it take to help moms and dads relax when the kids are quarantined from school?
    Just a dab

  4. What is the preferred breakfast for weed-loving parents?
    Hash browns and greens

  5. What did the dad give to the stoner mom for her birthday?
    A big bag of flowers

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