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Cannabis Storage Tip # 3: Size Matters 😉

Cannabis Storage Tip # 3: Size Matters 😉

Of course size matters, no one wants a small pizza right? 

When it comes to picking your cannabis storage containers, size also matters. Storing a small amount of cannabis in a large container can cause issues. Even if there is no air flowing into the container excess oxygen that becomes trapped in the container can still degrade the cannabis. 

Here is what you should NOT do: 

✗ - Do NOT use very large containers to store small quantities of cannabis, as this leaves too much air inside the container with your cannabis.

Here is what you should do: 

✓ - Do use airtight containers like our Stori pods

✓ -Try to match the container with the volume of cannabis to be stored. 

Our Stori Pods are air tight and can hold up to 7 grams of dried cannabis. Our case comes with 6 Stori Pods so the entire case can hold up to 42 grams (almost 1 ½ oz) of cannabis. Our customers who enjoy having different stains on hand can easily separate each strain in Stori Pods. Our customers who only like to have 1 strain on hand can easily protect their cannabis by separating them into different pods and avoiding opening up a large container each time.


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