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Cannabis Storage Tip # 2. We all love sunshine but our cannabis doesn’t

We all love those summer days with lots of sunshine, and some of us even crave it, but our cannabis collection at home unfortunately does not. Light is a big factor that will degrade your cannabis quality. The exposure to UV rays diminishes the potency of dried flower. And although mason jars are a great cost effective solution that sure do beat a ziplock bag, if you don’t put the jar into a dark drawer light will still get in.

How NOT to store cannabis: 

✗ - Do NOT store your dried cannabis by a window.

✗ - Do NOT store your dried cannabis in glass jars in a direct light source. 

✗ - Do NOT store above or around electronics or appliances that give off heat. High temperatures can cause buds to dry out and terpenes to evaporate, resulting in harsh smoke and an unpleasant flavour. The ideal storage temperature for cannabis is 15-20°C

How to store cannabis: 

✓ - Keep your dried cannabis out of direct sunlight.

✓- Keep your dried cannabis in opaque containers away from a direct light source. Our Stori pods are opaque and made from food safe aluminum. 


At Stori we are all about displaying your cannabis, not hiding it in the back in your sock drawer. Our food safe aluminum pods and tubes keep the light out all nicely tucked away in our case.


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