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Top 6 Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

Top 6 Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

People use cannabis because they enjoy the way it makes them feel. It’s the same thing as a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day, a pampering session, or the perfect dessert. 

There are a lot of moments in our lives where we need to raise the good vibes to drown out the bad ones. Some cannabis strains are beloved for their ability to tone down feelings of tension and promote a better mood. 

If you’re having one of those kinds of days, there’s a strain to elevate you and turn your mood around. 

Does Cannabis Help With Anxiety?

Cannabis has been studied for its effects on anxiety, and early research shows that CBD, a prominent cannabinoid, is a promising anxiety treatment that produces meaningful effects. It’s important to remember that dealing with the symptoms is only one part of a much larger picture. 

Nothing helps with anxiety better than seeking professional mental health support from a qualified care provider. 

Cannabis cannot cure anxiety because it doesn’t work through the source of tension. However, it is important to note that cannabis cannot be used in place of appropriate mental health interventions.

Suppose you occasionally experience emotional tension related to circumstances or events, like stressful projects at work or large gatherings you’re not exactly excited to attend. In that case, cannabis can help you take the edge off of your feelings for a little while. 

Does Cannabis Make People Anxious?

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Cannabis as a whole is not known to cause anxiety, although people with certain types of anxious feelings may find that the influence of cannabis complicates their feelings. 

Some people report feeling symptoms of anxiety as a side effect of certain strains of cannabis, especially if they consume cannabis in large amounts. People may be more likely to experience tension with edibles because their effects are long-lasting, and their onset is unpredictable. 

Unless you have experience with edibles and understand the way they work, they may not be the best choice for anxiety. 

If you’re interested in using cannabis to help manage the symptoms, plan to microdose. If you have a single-hit pipe or a dry herb vaporizer that will allow you to consume small quantities, that’s the best tool to use until you’re comfortable with cannabis.

It also helps to curate your strain selection based on user testimonials. Some people may report symptoms of anxiety as a prominent side effect of certain strains. They’re likely in the same boat you are. If you don’t like what other people with anxiety have to say about a particular strain, don’t use that strain. 

1. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is one of the most popular Indica strains in the country. It’s sometimes called Granddaddy Purps or GDP for short. This strain has a deep, complex, and musty grape flavor and aroma. It’s subtle, and it’s tasty.

This strain has no shortage of recreational fans, but its medical users are its largest supporters. People use Granddaddy Purple for relief from stress and tension, sleep quality, and discomfort. It imparts a happy and uplifting type of relaxation that can turn your night around. It’s the kind of strain you’ll want to use before journaling, sketching, or getting in a gentle nighttime yoga session. Just don’t do anything too far from your bed.

Many people report that Grandaddy Purps slowly makes them sleepy. This strain will help ease you into bed so softly, you’ll almost feel like it’s tucking you in. 

2. Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is named appropriately. It inherits its flavor of sweet cherries, berries, and citrus from its parent strains, Cherry Pie and Tangie. This Indica strain helps to reduce feelings of tension and stress without making its users too sleepy. 

This is the strain to turn to after you had a chaotic day at work and you still need to make dinner and clean the house. You’ll be relaxed enough to approach the rest of your night with ease, and you’ll be able to hang in there until bedtime. 

Just stick to routine tasks that don’t require a lot of concentration. You might get a little too cerebral to learn something new or do something complicated. 

3. Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is a spicy and citrusy hybrid strain with a sweet little kick. Cannabis users turn to Animal Cookies for relief from stress, anxiety, and discomfort. This strain is very popular among people who have menstrual periods. Many people experience more mental tension during their menstrual cycle. It’s a common symptom that doesn’t have a formal treatment because it resolves on its own. That doesn’t mean you should have to wait it out.

Animal Cookies balanced body high, and tension relief is exactly the combination needed to help ease monthly discomfort. 

4. Superglue

Superglue is a well-balanced Hybrid strain that tastes like a combination of a caramel latte and a pine tree. It’s an unusual combination, but the flavors play together surprisingly well. This strain is a hit among medical cannabis users who turn to Superglue for symptoms of stress.

Superglue will relax you, but it’s also going to lift you up. This is a great strain to keep you in a better mood and mindset when you have a lot of things to do. It’s worth noting that when you feel as good as Superglue makes you feel, you probably won’t want to load the dishwasher or organize your bills.

This is a great strain for a peaceful hike or a beach walk. Spend some time out in nature to clear your head and work in a little bit of joyful movement. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged by the time the evening rolls around, and you’ll probably get a great night’s sleep. 

5. Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies is an uplifting and motivating hybrid strain that tastes like candied oranges. Many people come for the flavor but stay for the strain’s effects.

Mandarin Cookies has an exceptional track record for easing the symptoms of anxiety. 

People also turn to this strain for relief from symptoms of depression. This strain will pick you up off the couch and put you in motion. It’s a walking high that will help you navigate things you aren’t necessarily looking forward to doing. 

Mandarin Cookies are your best buddy when it comes time to clean out the garage, take the holiday decorations down, and purge the old leftovers from the fridge. All you need is a soundtrack to help you keep your vibe up, and you can conquer anything. 

Pair this strain with an empowering playlist.

6. Venom OG

Venom OG is a classic hybrid strain with a flavor profile that’s high in piney, diesel notes. If you gravitate towards strains that taste a little like gas, this one is right up your alley. 

This strain ranks exceptionally high among patients with stress and discomfort, particularly if they need to find relief at nighttime. Venom OG comes on strong, and it’s definitely going to keep you in one place. 

This is a strain you should use about ten minutes before bedtime. It’s going to come on like a strong wave of relaxation, but its effects tend to creep a little. You don’t know when the sleepy euphoria is going to pour over you.

If you’re using Venom OG, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re ready for bed first. Change into your pajamas, set the thermostat for the night, and put a glass of water on your bedside table. When the sleepy feeling starts to kick in, roll with it. You’ll be out like a baby before you know it. 

Try a Few Strains To See What Works for You

Selecting the perfect strain is a lot like envisioning the perfect wine pairing. It’s a process that’s equally as complex and special. Your taste is unique to you, and Stori can help you explore, develop, and refine your cannabis palette. 

Stori is here to help you write your Stori with cannabis. 

The Stori case comes with airtight, light-proof, durable cannabis-specific storage pods that feature color-coded lids and child-resistant caps. You can add a humidity pack to the lid of each pod to convert it into a humidor, allowing your cannabis to stay fresh and perfectly preserved for months. 

You can use a dry erase marker to label the color-coded lids with the names of the strains in your stash, helping you stay organized. When you’re trying new strains, turn to the Stori app. 

The Stori app allows you to rate and review strains you’ve tried. You can use the app to keep track of what works for you and how you feel when you use a particular strain. You can also view similar strains that may be worth a try if you’re looking to dial in your experience. 


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