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4 Easy Recipes for Homemade Cannabis Coffee

4 Easy Recipes for Homemade Cannabis Coffee

If you love both cannabis and coffee, why not combine the two? You’ll get to enjoy a cup of your favorite brew infused with your favorite strain. It’s the best of both worlds. 

For many people, it’s also a solution. If you want to enjoy edibles but don’t want to add extra baked goods or candy to your diet, infusing the coffee you were already drinking with cannabis is a more efficient way to eat mindfully. 

Cannabis coffee is relatively easy to make at home. By decarboxylating your cannabis (a simple process that takes about an hour in total) and infusing it into oil, butter, milk, or sugar, you can use your infusion to make coffee or anything else that requires that ingredient. 

Here’s how to make some cannabis-infused kitchen staples and turn them into coffee that’s a little more special than what you’d get from the drive-through. 

Start By Decarboxylating Your Cannabis

Any edible cannabis product starts with decarboxylation. The cannabis you receive from a dispensary doesn’t contain active cannabinoids. They only become active when you apply direct heat to them. They activate quickly and begin to work within minutes of inhalation. 

Cannabis that isn’t activated won’t have many noteworthy effects. 

When making edibles, you need to activate the cannabinoids before infusing them into your ingredients. You can do this in your oven, and it doesn’t require a lot of work. 

The first thing you need to do is grind your cannabis. The grind should be uniform and consistent. If the grind is too large, the interior of the cannabis won’t decarboxylate. If it’s too fine, the cannabis will burn instead. Aim for pieces similar in size to a grain of rice. 

Preheat your oven to 230 degrees and place a rack in the direct center. Your oven temperature must be as accurate as possible. If it runs too high, your cannabis will burn. If you’re unsure if your oven temperature matches your settings, check the temperature with an oven thermometer

Grab a baking tray made of a material that heats evenly, like glass. Cut two sheets of aluminum foil sized to fit the bottom of the tray. Wad them up a little bit and unwad them, creating little crinkles. These crinkles will reduce the amount of direct heat and promote the flow of heat around your cannabis. 

Lay one sheet down on the baking tray, and sprinkle your cannabis evenly across the surface. Make sure the pieces are spread out. Then, gently set the second sheet on top.

Bake the cannabis for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. After 20 minutes, start checking every 5 minutes to make sure your cannabis is turning golden green, not brown. When it’s done, pull it out of the oven and set it out to cool. It’s ready to use for infusions. 

Infusing Your Cannabis Into Butters, Oils, and Milks

The process for infusing cannabis into butter, coconut oil, or milk will be the same. Keep in mind that cannabis is fat-soluble, so it won’t infuse properly into most plant milk. You’ll need to use full-fat dairy milk or cream. If you need a non-dairy or a vegan option, coconut milk, and coconut cream work, just as long as they’re full fat. 

The infusion process is very simple. Turn your slow cooker on low, and put your butter, oil, or suitable milk into the slow cooker. Give it about 25 minutes to warm up or melt. Drop your cannabis into the slow cooker and let it ride, stirring every 30 minutes for 3 hours. 
When it’s done, strain away from the cannabis with a cheesecloth or a mesh strainer and transfer your cannabis infusion into a Stori pod. Cannabis butter and milk needs to be refrigerated. Cannabis oils can be stored at room temperature. 

Infusing Your Cannabis Into Sugar

Infusing your cannabis into sugar is a slightly different process. Rather than slow cooking it, you’re going to create an alcohol tincture to soak your sugar with.

Put your decarboxylated cannabis into a jar with a lid that closes tightly. Pour grain alcohol (Everclear) over your cannabis and cover an extra inch to give yourself some room to move and shake. Screw the lid on very tightly, and thoroughly shake the jar. Don’t stand next to the sink, counter, or cabinets. You don’t want to smash the glass against a hard surface. 

Alcohol is a solvent. It will take on the cannabinoids much quicker than oil or butter. It only needs to steep for about half an hour. Shake it around every five minutes to give it a little help. When it’s done, strain away the cannabis pieces and pour the liquid into a bowl.

You can use white sugar or coconut sugar if you’re looking for a low glycemic index sweetener. Powdered and artificial sweeteners won’t work. Add it into the bowl a spoonful at a time, stirring as you go. When the mixture becomes sludgy like wet beach sand, it’s ready to go. 

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Spread the sugar in a thin layer on the baking sheet, and pop it into the oven for 20 minutes. Every five minutes, stir the mixture around. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving behind toasted sugar infused with cannabis.

Take it out of the oven and put it into a Stori pod. Your cannabis sugar can be stored at room temperature. 

To Make Sugar Syrup

You can take the process one step further to make cannabis-infused simple syrup. It isn’t too much extra work. If you intend to make coffee drinks with your cannabis, it’s worth the effort to make flavored latte syrup.

Combine equal parts cannabis sugar and water in a pot. Warm it up on the lowest heat setting on your stove, stirring until the sugar completely dissolves in the water. When it dissolves, add a few drops of baking extract for flavoring. 

You’ll find vanilla, almond, maple, cake batter, peppermint, and even pumpkin spice extracts in the baking aisle. Any one of these flavors works wonderfully in a latte. 

Keep in mind that a tiny bit of extract goes a long way. Start with a drop, mix it, and taste the mixture on your finger. Keep going a drop at a time until you reach your desired intensity. 

When it’s done, pour it into a Stori pod. Even though sugar makes many syrupy products shelf-stable, it’s essential to store your simple syrup in the refrigerator

1. Cannabutter Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is popular among people who live keto lifestyles. Adding fat to your coffee adds usable energy to your coffee, turning it into a source of burnable fuel rather than a simple rush of caffeine. 

If you already drink bulletproof coffee, take it up a notch with cannabutter or cannabis-infused coconut oil. This recipe is very simple. Just put a cup of hot brewed coffee into a blender with a little bit of butter and a smidge of coconut-derived MCT oil into a blender. Pour it into a mug and serve it. 

2. Flat Weed

This is a simple play on a flat white using cannabis-infused milk. Brew up two shots of espresso and pour it into your coffee cup. Then, use a milk frother to warm and froth one ¼ cups of milk. 

Don’t use all cannabis-infused milk. It’s going to be way too strong. Instead, use a tablespoon or two of your infused milk combined with regular milk. 

If you want to sweeten your flat white, mix your sweetener into the espresso. Then, pour the frothed milk on top. 

3. Cannabis Frappe

This frozen cannabis coffee recipe takes place mostly within your blender. All you need to do is brew a shot of espresso or a strong cup of coffee and toss it into the blender with 1 ½ cups of ice, ⅔ cup of your milk of choice, and two tablespoons of your cannabis-infused simple syrup. Blend until smooth, pour into a cup, and enjoy with a reusable straw. 

4. Old Fashioned American Coffee with a Kick

Some people are simple. They don’t want fancy coffee, and they don’t want to spend a significant portion of their morning messing around with an espresso machine. If you’re the kind of person who programs your coffee machine to start brewing five minutes before your alarm goes off, this is the recipe for you.

Make your coffee the same way you always do but use cannabis-infused sugar instead of traditional sweetener.

Stori Keeps Your Cannabis Infused Products Fresh

All cannabis is sensitive to light and heat, but decarboxylated cannabis is even more sensitive. Since it’s already activated, exposure to heat, light, and air will cause the cannabis to degrade before you have a chance to use it.

The Stori pods from your Stori case allow you to properly store your cannabis infusions and keep them fresh until you’re ready to use them. The child-resistant caps are a bonus. 


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